Mountain Village Single-Family Home Market - Healthy Numbers

As of Wednesday the 13th, the sale and listing numbers for single-family homes in the Town of Mountain Village were as follows:

49 Active - 4 Sales Pending - 24 Sold (in Previous 12 Months)

An absorption rate approaching two years might be cause for concern in a highly-populated suburban and/or exurban area with a healthy economy; but not in our remote, niche marketplace. Particularly in single-family homes scattered amid the Telluride ski area and golf course, an absorption rate below two years is considered quite healthy. It takes a certain amount of time for the agents and the marketplace to learn the details of Mountain Village homes, many of which are quite unique in design and in function, so extra days on market are to be expected. Also consider the additional factors of our remote locale with no urban centers anywhere nearby, plus our significant off-seasons each spring and fall that essentially carve 4 - 5 months out of the selling season, and you can begin to understand why that absorption rate is viewed positively here.

There are not a plethora of build’able vacant lots remaining, particularly among those with the best ski access, so buyers have responded by demonstrating a willingness to take on older homes located on compelling lots that might need an infusion of remodel dollars. Still plenty of great long-term opportunities along these lines in our current inventory of active MV Homes.