Cimarron Lodge - Ski-in/Ski-out

Cimarron is a great word, both in appearance and in sound. Derived from the Spanish word of similar spelling, it means “wild” or “untamed”, and it is the name the early Spanish explorers gave to the Seminole tribe in present-day Florida. Nothing wild or untamed about the Cimarron Lodge in Telluride…just a great name for a unique project.

Cimarron sits at the base of Chair 7 for a true ski-in/ski-out location. Chair 7 itself is not much to look at - being a long-in-the-tooth double chair that was likely brand new when Eisenhower was in the White House - but it portends a great future. Classic ski runs like Stumper and O’Reilly’s, plus the beginner-friendly Telluride Trail, all terminate on Cimarron’s doorstep. The Town of Telluride owns a large parking lot adjacent to Cimarron. I am not making any promises or warranties, but it would not be outlandish to envision a mixed-use development on that lot that would finally motivate Telluride Ski & Golf to replace Chair 7 with a high-speed Quad. It might be wishful thinking, certainly, but this author still hopes to be ringing a cow bell in that spot on some future date while standing at the finish line of a World Cup skiing event.

But even if no new nearby development occurs, Cimarron still represents a great value for a mountain condo in an irreplaceable location. In fact, most Cimarron owners would probably be most happy if nothing in the area ever changed.

A total of two units at Cimarron Lodge have changed hands since the start of the year - units R32 and R40 at $657,000 and $750,000, respectively.  There is currently one Cimarron unit active on the MLS – unit R30 has been active on the MLS for 2+ months at an asking price of $865,000. No other units pending at the moment.