Riverside Condos - A Step Above

When compared with other condominium projects in Town that were built/developed at about the same time, Riverside units have consistently traded at a higher price per sq ft. The materials used at build time were not superior and the project cannot boast of any compelling design elements that set them apart. The reason they have been able to attract this premium is fully attributable to the project’s compelling location. It sits at the entry point to the Bear Creek Preserve and its natural riches. The free gondola and the center of Historic Telluride are less than three blocks away. Telluride’s crown jewel of Town Park is a short stroll on the river trail. When taken together it is not surprising that Riverside is valued as highly as it is by the marketplace.

A total of two units at Riverside have changed hands since the start of the year.  Unit D03 closed last spring at $830,000 and just three weeks ago unit B201 sold for $1,475,000 . 

 There are currently zero Riverside units active on the MLS and no sales are pending. Everyone at Riverside appears to be quite comfortable where they are.