When we pulled into Town for the 1995 Telluride Jazz Festival, both of us were already under Telluride’s spell from previous visits, but it was our first trip to this magical valley together.  That weekend not only cemented our plans to spend the rest of our lives together, it kicked off a love affair with a town we are both fortunate and proud to call home.

Our 17 years of real estate experience in the Town of Telluride have already exposed us to multiple cycles in the local market, from the retraction felt in 2001-02, to the explosion of activity and the attendant value jumps from 2003-08, to the market correction of 2008-12, to the current expansion in both transaction volumes and property valuations that we are once again witnessing.  We recognize the difference between short-term reactions and long-term trends.  We are real estate investors ourselves and run our practice far more as proactive trusted advisors than simply as straight salespeople.  

Terrie studied marketing at Metro State University in Denver and earned her Bachelors in Business Administration (Marketing).  She then spent the next 26 years as an international flight attendant for American Airlines while feeding her chronic travel bug.  Mark’s educational background includes a Bachelors in Business Administration (Finance) and a Masters in Marketing - both earned at the University of Colorado.  Prior to Telluride, Mark spent a decade with IBM in Boulder and Denver, the last several years as an account manager supporting licensees of a niche solution called TPF.  Still a spreadsheet geek to this day, Mark enjoys analyzing and parsing all of the different segments of Telluride's market for his clients.


Shadow - Labrador Non-Retriever, Assistant & Caddie

We appreciate you stopping by our site and we hope you find it useful. If you are going to be in our Town and want to talk about the ski mountain or the best hiking trails - or an attractive opportunity in the Telluride real estate market - please call or write. We would welcome the opportunity to share our love and knowledge of Telluride with you.


In recent years our family has been involved in several real estate transactions in Colorado, New York, and Florida. Of the four brokers we used, Mark Dollard was by far the most helpful, knowledgeable, and skillful in managing the entire process and guiding it to a successful conclusion.

Selling our house on Wilson Mesa involved scheduling many showings with our resident tenant, hiring numerous vendors to prepare the property and house for a potential sale, dealing with and explaining the legal niceties, and, of course, negotiating the actual terms of the sale with interested buyers.

Mark’s role in accomplishing this was amazing. He allayed our fears and concerns, was always available with information and advice, and actually transformed what could have been a problematic process into a pleasurable experience. He, along with his wife Terrie, is simply the most competent real estate broker we’ve ever encountered.
— Gene, Suzy & Hilary - New York, NY